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Discounts upto 51% in 17+ categories.
Discounts in underserved sectors like Automotives, Jewellery, Healthcare & More.
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Hotels and Banquets


Cafe and Lounge


Salon and Spa

Fashion and Lifestyle

Mobile and Accessories

Sweets and Bakery



Super Market


Home Decor


What Our Clients Say

Mukesh Kumar

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"Awesome service, loved using this app, got a discount of 5600 in one time purchase"

Edul Akram

Play Store

Tapo1 is very easy to use and you get huge discount upto 51% in 17+ sectors. Only one time subscription charge for 1 year.

Tanzeem Ashraf

Play Store

Finally got something that saves my monthly expenditure. Specially in restaurants.

Khusboo Kumari

Play Store

This company provide amazing disscounts on several sectors. Truly amazing😍

Aman Kumar

Play Store

Something new and very useful in the world of discount:⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠)

Sandexo Technologies

Play Store

Best app that provides discount in multiple sectors. like: restaurants, jewellery, medicine, hospital, super market, furniture, fashion, and tourism etc

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