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Fastest Growing Card

A Card with the ability to save lakhs of your money in a year
A card that saves money the more you use it.

A Card with the ability to save lakhs of your money in a year

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What features will you get?

Make the most out of your savings!

When you're just barely saving only 5-10% of your income, you try to find the means to save more. That's why Tapo1 is here to rescue you. We're here to save your money in every shopping you do in your daily life. You'll find the sectors we're providing discounts in our categories list.

Spend Less, Save More!

With Tapo1 you’ll never miss an opportunity to save money on everything from shopping to dining out. Plus, We're always striving to give you the best deal you can get anywhere in more sctors.

No specific place in mind?

Sometimes we’re just out to see what stores and restaurants there are in the area. Now with Tapo1 you can view not only what’s nearby, but also see what deals you're getting around you, so you can plan ahead your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tapo1 Card is a privileged card which allows unlimited benefits in multiple sectors across the city.

Open Tapo1 application/website-->click on register button-->fill all the details and proceed to payment page-->make the payment and you'll be redirected to you.
Profile -->Your virtual card is now available and ready to use in you profile.

Tapo1 Card can be used in multiple sectors with our impaneled partners, i.e.(Hotels & Banquets, Restaurants & Cafes, Salon & Spa, Furniture, Fashion & Lifestyle Jewellery, Hospitals, Automotives, Tourism).

To Earn 50 per referral you have to share your referral code to new registering user and after they've made their payment you'll receive your reward(s) within 2-3 business days.

The privilege card allows direct cash savings to your pocket. Every time you pay a bill at our listed partners, show your Tapo1 Card and enjoy ultimate benefits.

You can directly visit out application/website to check the benefits and offers, all partners offering benefits to Tapo1 card holders are listed on our application/website.

Don’t miss out on our extra key features


Ratings and Reviews For Shops and Restaurants (Upcoming Feature)

Tapo1 users have the opportunity to rate shops, restaurants, and other places visited, as well as leave written reviews. This way, other users can find top results based on your experiences, and also discover new places to visit while they’re in the area!


Rewards Summary (Upcoming Feature)

Tapo1 gives you the ability to track your rewards and earnings within one, easy-to-use app, showing you how much you’ve accumulated, along with what’s now available to you. This way, you never miss a free hotel stay, complimentary meal, or airline perks!


No any hidden charges

Using Tapo1 is absolutely free! No need to enter any account information or any other fees ! Why? Tapo1 was designed to help you save money, not spend more of it. By using Tapo1 with an Yearly subscription, the money you save can go towards the things you truly love in life, instead of yet another bill. It’s time you enjoyed everything you’ve earned!

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